Crochet Stripes Tutorial – The Easy Way

crochet stripes feature image

Making stripes in crochet must be one of the simplest things you can do to introduce colour into your next crochet project. Whether you want an even stripe using 2 colours or a thinner stripe using 3 different colours, I am going to show you how easy it is to change colour without breaking the yarn each time and make for a neater finish.

This technique works particularly well with basic crochet stitches like single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet.

Stay tuned for some really easy crochet patterns you can make and try out your newly acquired skill.

For this tutorial I will be using a simple HDC (half double crochet) stitch and working in an even stripe of 2 HDC rows for each block of striping. 

Joining Yarn For The First Time

Weaving in and fastening off yarn ends is something that is time consuming and doesn’t always leave a neat finish. You will also notice that a bit of the old colour shows in the new row. To stop this from happening you need to do the following.

STEP 1: Crochet to the very end of the row leaving the last stitch, for this tutorial it is a HDC.

last hdc left

STEP 2: Start the first step of the HDC stitch into the last HDC but only pull the yarn through the first 2 loops leaving 2 loops on the hook.

leavinf 2 loops on hook

STEP 3: Join in new coloured yarn and complete the HDC through the 2 loops on the hook.

joining new yarn

STEP 4: Make 2 chains and turn to begin the next row. You have joined your first colour.

2 chain stitches to start next row

Working Stripes Without Breaking Your Yarn

After you have joined the second yarn (above) and worked another 2 HDC rows, you are ready to change of colour to start forming the stripes. Pick up the yarn for the new colour, bring it up the side of your work and crochet it into the next row with the same technique as before when joining the yarn in for the first time. Continue changing colours with this technique and bringing the new coloured yarn up the side until the end.

2nd colour weave in

This technique also works well when you use 3 colours and alternate each colour at the end of each row (1 x HDC row for each colour). As long as the yarn colour you want to change to is at the end of that row,  you shouldn’t have any problems. You will have lots options for your stipes.

showing 4 rows completed

Wider Stripes

When you have wider stripes, whenever both colours of yarn are on the same side of your work, you can twist them which “catches” the yarn of contrasting colour behind the colour you are working with.

In the case of a very wide stripe, it can be difficult to keep the tension of the yarn even along the side of your work. Often it gets too tight or too loose. If this is the case it is probably best to break the yarn.

Here is a quick and easy crochet pattern you can download to try out your newly found skill. I have made this halter top in an even stripe using 2 colours, an even smaller stripe using 3 colours and an uneven stripe using 3 colours.

Easy Crochet Halter Top Pattern

example 2

To download the PDF crochet pattern, click the link here Easy Crochet Halter Top Pattern

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Etsy Shop Policies! What’s It All About?

shop policy list with text

Something that many sellers overlook when setting up their Etsy shop is filling in their shop policies. This is a great way to connect to your existing and potential customers and let them know what to expect from you. Include information about your shipping policies, your returns, exchanges and payment policies to name a few. If you haven’t filled in your shop policies, this is costing you sales. Customers look at your store policies and make a judgement of what kind of customer service you offer and what to expect if they purchase from you.

To edit or complete your shop policies;

ON DESKTOP: Go to your shop and click edit shop. Scroll down to your shop policies and add or update there.

ON MOBILE: In the seller app, click on More bottom right and then settings. You can add or update in Shop Settings.

Here are some things to consider when adding or updating your shop policies.


This is a great place to tell the world about you and what you do. This is your time to shine, convey and share your passion for what you do and adds that personal touch to your shop.

Around The Web

Take this opportunity to add the links to your social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.


  • Add information about processing times.
  • Include shipping estimate times for your country of origin and different regions around the world as this varies dramatically. Etsy have made this easy as you can add individual countries with your own estimates.
  • Do you ship Internationally?
  • If you do International shipping include information on customs and import taxes which varies for different regions around the world. I simply say “Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I am not responsible for delays due to customs”.
  • Add information about how your items are packaged and if you offer gift wrapping.
  • Let your customers know what shipping company you use and the options you have made available with regards to insurance or faster shipping.

Payment Options

  • State what methods of payment you will take (PayPal, cheque etc).
  • If you offer PayPal as a method of payment, add a brief description of how to pay with PayPal. Lots of people don’t realise they can use this method to pay with their credit or debit card without having to sign up for a PayPal account. It helps to explain how they can do this.
  • State that you will not send packages until payments have cleared.
  • Encourage buyers to contact you if they are having any problems with making their payment.

Refunds and Exchanges

  • If you don’t want to do refunds and exchanges then put it politely. Something like “I’m sorry but at this time [insert shop name here] I cannot accept refunds or exchanges, please purchase carefully” comes across a lot better than “No exchanges or refunds accepted”.
  • If you are going to offer refunds and/or exchanges then put your terms and conditions here. How long after receiving an item can people ask you for an exchange or refund? Will you refund only the cost of the item or the shipping as well? If a buyer returns an item to you who is responsible for the return postal costs?
  • Etsy have set up some information you can click and turn on easily in this section and customise it to suit your terms.

Privacy Policy

As a business owner that collects personal information on name, address, email etc we are obligated to keep their information protected. If you want to find out more about a privacy policy and how to write one and include it in your shop policies then this is a good article to read How to Write On-Point Privacy Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Etsy have provided some extra available space to add frequently asked questions that may apply specifically to your shop and the type of items you sell. If you find yourself being asked the same questions over and over again think about adding this to your FAQ section. Some things you could add are:

  • The process you take to complete custom orders.
  • An estimate of how long orders may take.
  • For custom orders when do you require payment, do you need payment up front or is a 50% deposit the green light to begin work.
  • Do you provide gift wrapping and what is included.
  • Special discounts you might have running at the moment.
  • What happens if my item is damaged in transit.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. I think it is best to have something in your shop policies then not at all so make a start on it, you can always add to it as time goes on and new ideas or issues arise that you can address in your policies.

As I am an Etsy Seller, most of my posts are geared to Etsy Success although any of my guides and tutorials will be useful for if you use other platforms to sell your products. You can visit my Etsy Store at Rhinestone Mumma

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Etsy Hyperlinks! What’s It All About?

Click Here Flat Lay 2

So what’s a hyperlink, what does it have to do with me an how can I use it to get more sales? A hyperlink is basically text with a link that a reader can activate by directly clicking on a highlighted word, phrase or image which sends them to another location.

If you don’t have links in your product descriptions, you are missing out on an opportunity for longer customer engagement. It’s a no brainer and such an easy thing to implement into our Etsy product descriptions.

So what are the benefits?

  • A customer is engaged and keeps them in your shop for longer.
  • Encourages them to look at products they may not have normally searched for.
  • Answers their questions without them even knowing that had any questions they needed an answer to.
  • Directs them to other items in your shop that are part of a set or collection.

We need to start thinking about our Etsy shops as virtual shop fronts where buyers can come and go, explore, buy and visit again. The longer a customer stays in your shop, the more likely they are to make a purchase. It’s all about making suggestions, giving them a direction and making them feel comfortable in making a purchase.

Here are just a few creative ways you can use a hyperlink in your product description.


Add a hyperlink at the end of your description showing the other shop categories in your store;

“For Bracelets, click here __________________”

“For Crochet Patterns, click here__________________”

“For T-Shirts, click here__________________”

“For Earrings, click here__________________”

You can also use a hyperlink to direct buyers to other like products. If they are already looking at an item and liking what they see, they may also like other similar items in your store;

“For more Bracelets, click here __________________”

“For more Crochet Patterns, click here__________________”

“For more T-Shirts, click here__________________”

“For more Earrings, click here__________________”


If you have products that are related or a part of a set or collection, let your buyer know.

“If you like these earrings, here is the matching necklace__________________”

“If you like these invitations, don’t forget to purchase the matching thank you cards__________________”

“If you like this cushion cover, you might like other cushion covers in the same collection__________________”


If you have a shop that sells different types of products, you could create interest with a buyer and suggest they have a look around;

“If you like my bracelets, I have a wide range of handmade crochet bags in my shop as well__________________”


I have this hyperlink in all my item descriptions. It encourages a buyer to go to your home page where they can get an overall feel for your brand and all the products you sell. They can also Favourite your shop so they will see future products listed and shop updates;

“To see the full range of products in my shop, click here__________________”


If you are proud of your customer feedback, then let a potential customer know how much past customers value your products and services by sharing your review page;

“See what other customers are saying about their purchases__________________”


Let your customers know about other shops you manage on Etsy.

“I also sell craft supplies at my other shop__________________. I would be more than happy to ship purchases from both shops together.”


Most buyers will not automatically read through your detailed shop policies. You can make sure they read through your policies before they make a purchase if this is important to you. This will hopefully solve potential problems that may arise or give them customer important information when purchasing from you.

“Please read through the policies before purchasing this item__________________”


There are already links to the more popular social media platforms provided by Etsy on all your listings if you have set up the links. You could also provide additional links to your Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Newsletter directly in your description as well.

“Let’s get social. Follow me on__________________”

“Sign up for my newsletter to receive future coupons and promotions__________________”

So how do I create a Hyperlink?

You can copy URL’s (the web address that appears in the search bar at the top of a web page) for any link you want to create. If you want to create a link to your Etsy Home Page, go to your Etsy Store and copy the URL which you can paste into your description.

If you want to copy a particular item, follow the same process by going to the specific item you want to create a link for.

If you want to create a link to a store category, once again, follow the same process by going to your Etsy Store, selecting the category you want to create a link for, like a customer would when searching, and copy the URL.

The same process can be applied to social media platforms, blogs and newsletters. If you can search for it, you can copy the URL and paste it wherever you want in your detailed descriptions.

But don’t just stop there. You have probably noticed that some links when copied are long and unsightly and take up a lot of space. But never fear, there is a free website where you can copy the long URL and it will give you a shortened version which you can copy and paste into your description giving your descriptions an air of professionalism and neatness.

Now, let’s not get too carried away!

I have given you some great ideas on how you can use hyperlinks in your descriptions to create engagement and interest. But just remember, too many links may only confuse and overwhelm a buyer and you may actually lose them altogether. Choose the hyperlinks that would best enhance the shopping experience for your customer and are more likely to convert sales. You could ask yourself, is there a question you get asked over and over by customers or is there a section, product or upgrade that you want a potential customer to see?

And Finally

I hope I have given you some new inspiration to adding some additional resources to your descriptions and maximising your sales potential by capturing a customers attention and keeping them engaged.

As I am an Etsy Seller, most of my posts are geared to Etsy Success although any of my guides and tutorials will be useful for if you use other platforms to sell your products. You can visit my Etsy Store at Rhinestone Mumma

If you are interested, here are some additional guides and tutorials worth a read.

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How To Get More Etsy Sales

please come in

Things You Can Do Right Now For Free To Get More Sales On Etsy!

Have an Etsy Shop and want more sales? Silly question really. We all want more sales and anything we can do to improve those sales we want to know.

Read on to discover simple, free and plain English no nonsense easy ways to make more sales in your Etsy Shop and make your sales go through the roof.

PLEASE NOTE: This article is constantly updated to keep in line with Etsy policies and the changing algorithms.


You can have the best product ever created on Etsy but without good keywords in your titles and tags, nobody is going to find you and guess what, no cha-chings. So what do they mean when they say keywords? Keywords are a one to three word phrases that describe your product.

You firstly need to stand back from your product and start thinking like a buyer. What would buyers search for when looking for my item? As a strategy, I right down a list of keywords and short two to three word phrases that best describes my item. This gives me a basis to start using some tools to test if they would be good keywords and what words might be useful.

So here we go….

  • Etsy Rank – my personal favourite. It not only gives you brilliant tools to discover keywords and phrases in real time of what is being searched for on Etsy, it can check for spelling mistakes and give you detailed analysis on your listings and spot issues and opportunities that can improve your SEO.
  • Marmalead – gives you the tools to help you find the keywords real shoppers on Etsy are using to find listings like yours. It is also super easy to use and understand.
  • Google Keyword Planner – gives you the tools to research the current industry standard for keywords not just for Etsy but for off Etsy searches like Google and Bing.
  • Pinterest – this is probably not one you would associate with when looking for keywords. It’s a bit like using the Etsy search bar method by typing in keywords and phrases that you think a buyer might use to find products like yours and the words and phrases that drop down ARE the words and phrases people are searching for to find items. Why is Pinterest important? In my opinion, the good utilisation of Pinterest to promote your Etsy products is a game changer. I literally generate 1000’s and 1000′ of views through my pins.
  • Etsy – This is another good way of finding keywords and phrases that potential buyers are using right now to find products like yours. I can’t stress this enough the right now bit, Etsy and algorithms are a funny thing. They are constantly changing and evolving. If you use this method it is always a good idea to give your listings a check up and see if there is anything you can change on a regular basis.

It’s All In A Title

So you have done your research and have great keywords and phrases ready to go, so what now? There are 140 characters available to you in your title, but that doesn’t mean you need to use them all. Contrary to popular belief, and as reported in the Etsy KEYWORDS 101: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW, when writing titles, use your most descriptive keywords and keep a buyer in mind, not a computer. The first 40 characters are the most important for your SEO optimisation for Etsy search anyway, so focus on getting your message across using the best keywords in this space but at the same time constructing a sentence that makes sense. I can hear you ask why.

  • Buyers only get a sneak peak of what you have to offer when they search for products so it’s a good idea to get your message out on what you are selling at this crucial should I click or scroll on by stage.
  • But really, the most important reason is, Etsy ranks the first 40 characters as the most relevant as they are at the beginning of your title. So basically if you want to get found in searches for a particular keyword phrase, put these keywords in the first 40 characters.

You should also try to use general keyword phrases and targeted keyword phrases in the first 40 characters. Not sure what that means. Here is an example of a general keyword  phrase crochet pattern and a targeted keyword phrase could be crochet beach bag pattern.  Include spaces/separators (/ , | – ~) if you like between your keywords and phrases but as mentioned before, try to make a sentence that makes sense that flows without too much punctuation. Let me state right up front, punctuation does not affect your Etsy SEO in a negative way, in fact it makes no difference.  What it does do is break down your title into easy to read phrases that actually makes sense.  Just for the record I prefer the vertical bar | as my separator.

Tag That

Tag Image

Tags are very important in getting your items found in searches. We have all seen the items listed that show up on the first page of searches that only have a basic three or four word title. Well guess what, they have awesome tags.

I used to be of the belief that your title keywords and phrases have to match your tags, which is how we used to write our titles and yes, there will still be an overlap with some of your keyword phrases in both your title and your tags. If you are using the best keywords and phrases in your more simplified title than yes, use these in your tags.

Here is a little run down on good and bad tag choices;

  • Use all 13 tag spaces.
  • Check your spelling. Incorrect spelling will not get your items in front of anyone. You can use tools like erank that will alert you of any spelling mistakes so you can correct.
  • Tags can be up to 20 characters long. Use phrases and avoid using one word tags if you can.
  • Have a look at shop stats to discover keyword phrases buyers are using to find your items and add these to your tags. Alternately, you can remove tags that are not very popular.
  • Use the Etsy search bar to see what naturally drops down when you start typing in a keyword. These are the keyword phrases buyers are using to find items like yours. Alternately, you can also use Pinterest in the same way.
  • Your tags should be as unique as possible and repeating the same words throughout is just a wasted opportunity. The more unique tags you use, the more chances your item has to show up in many searches.
  • Don’t repeat words you have selected in your category and attributes, they act like tags in a search as well. If an exact term appears in your category or attributes you don’t need to repeat it. For example colour.
  • Don’t add tags in multiple languages. Your tags should be in the language you set your shop up in.
  • No need to worry about plurals. Etsy looks at the root words and your listing will still be considered for a buyers query with or without.

Here is an example of one of my listings, crochet bag pattern. Obviously I am going to list the obvious, crochet bag pattern as a tag, but I could add other tags like crochet bag tutorial, handbag pattern pdf, digital bag pattern, bag making, diy crochet bag, just to name a few.

A great resource to give you an overview of your tags and where you need to make some improvements is in erank. Their listing grade section will give an insight into not only your tags but other ways you can make improvements.

Going Going Gone


Only you know the time, effort and cost that goes into creating your pieces. Sit down with yourself and work out your time, materials, expenses, shipping costs (if you are offering free shipping), packaging and fees to come up with a realistic price structure.

Take the time to compare your prices with other sellers in your niche. How do you compare? If you find your price is slightly higher you can offer things like free shipping, multiple item purchase discounts and gift wrapping to entice the sale.

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Camera Image

Think of your photos as the window of your shop front inviting buyers to come on in and have a look.

You have 10 photo spaces to use so use as many of the photo spaces provided you can to show buyers what you are selling. I like using a plain white or pale background for my main photo but that’s just my personal preference as I like a clean uniform look in my shop. Google search is also moving towards a clean background where you can search similar items just on image alone. Pinterest is already utilising this type of search. Ever noticed the little square top right of an image? Click on that and it will take you to similar items. You can jazz up your photos with backgrounds and scenes, perspective and situation shots with the other 9 photo spaces.

I use an inexpensive lightbox that came with lights and I bought a piece of white gloss Perspex to place items on as the direct background. You could also set up your own photo studio using white cardboard or a white sheet as a backdrop.

If you want to buy a Light Box in Australia  Click Here

If you want to buy a Light Box in the United States Click Here

To give your photos that professional edge use a photo editor. There are many options available. Some are easy, some are not so easy. Some cost money, some are free to use. I personally like free. One of the best sites to do this is Canva. I also like and use a program called Ipiccy. You can edit photos and save them to your computer. You can make collages to promote your products on Social Media and there is simple design tools to add text and other images.

Item Categories and Specifics

Search Tiles

When searching for items on Etsy there are a number of ways buyers can “drill down” the search criteria for a more specific search. When listing an item make sure you use the best category for your listing so you will be found by a potential buyer.

Depending on what category your items appear in there are also other options you can select to increase the chance of somebody finding your item like colour, occasion, style, recipient, theme, material etc.

It doesn’t hurt to take the extra time to fill in this additional information. It all helps.

Product Descriptions

This is your chance to tell the world all about the product you are selling. List all the information relating to your item, the colours available, the materials and the size. This is also a good place to take advantage of using keywords and phrases to help your products be discovered in the big bad world.

You can also provide links to other items in your store that relate to a product. For example, you may be selling bracelets and you could direct buyers to other bracelets you are selling in your store they might be interested in. Remember, once somebody is interested enough to click through to see your detailed description you want to keep them there.

Store Sections – Get Your Ducks In A Row

Ducks In A Row

It’s good to group what you are selling in your store. This can also help with another boost of using keywords in your shop.

Be specific and general in what you are selling in your store and group together like minded products. I find this is also a good way of directing people back to specific pages with easily created URL links. You can use these in your descriptions to encourage more sales.

You can create sections by going to your Shop Manager > Listings and on the right hand side find Sections and click on Manage. You can create new sections here and change the order of how you would like them to appear in your store. Once you have created your sections you can add your products when you are listing your items.

Keywords and Your Profile

As well as telling the World about you and your passion, use your profile page to add keywords. People love to read about sellers and why not add in keywords and phrases in your profile that will help Etsy shoppers and Google searchers find you.

You can also add a link to your store and your Social Media pages.

Try adding keywords to your Shop Announcements and Updates as well. Just like your own little blog letting people know when you list new products or lines or just to let people know about what you do and how you do it.

I know I have had trouble accessing Updates before which can only be accessed through the mobile Etsy Shopping App by clicking on More > Social Media > Shop Updates.

PSST….if you’re planning to open an Etsy Store, click on this link and get 40 free listings to get you started!

Offer Free Shipping and Quick Handling

If possible why not offer free shipping on your items. Obviously there will be a cost to you for shipping but if you incorporate the cost into your pricing you should be fine. People love something for free and it’s just another way to attract buyers to your items.

If you items are ready made and waiting to be shipped, consider selecting 1 day handling time by going to Shop Manager > Settings > Shipping Settings and create shipping rules here.

Etsy also offer an option of selecting items that have free shipping and have either 1 or 3 day handling times on the left hand side when searching, so you may as well be amongst them.

Sales and Coupons

Everybody loves a sale. Create a sale or a special coupon offer for your customers. Whether you want a buy a certain quantity and receive a percentage off or buy a certain dollar amount and receive a discount. You are in control.

Sales you create show up on the Etsy search pages in green below your item and encourages buyers to have a look. You can also create special coupon offers to send to certain customers, use on your Social Media platforms and include in your invoices that you send to customers.

Buyers can also select as a search option items on sale (visible to click on the left hand side when searching Etsy) so you definitely want to be part of this.

To access sales and coupons go to your Shop Manager > Marketing > Sales and Coupons and follow the preferred method of promotion from there.

Are You Being Served?

Customer Service

Just because you are running an online business doesn’t mean you can’t offer excellent customer service. Answer any questions quickly and thoroughly. Show your customers that they are valuable to you. Try to respond to any reviews that are left to let the customer know that you have read their review and appreciate that they have taken the time to respond. God forbid if you do get an unsavoury review (and hopefully there are not too many of them), I go out of my way to contact the customer to see what I can do to rectify the problem to ensure their experience is the best it can be.

Do You Want Wrapping With That?

Gift Wrapping

As you are already the creative type, why not create a unique way of wrapping everything with love. I think this is just as important as the actual item. Customers get the feeling that you care and will probably remember you. It could be as simple as wrapping items in tissue paper and sealing with a heart shaped sticker or you could source or design packaging to suit your products.

Etsy sellers are a creative bunch so why not check out what’s on offer in Etsy Packaging Products to see what you might find to suit your products.

Research, Research, Research

I cant’ say this enough….research. It is so important to have a look at the competition. How are they doing it. Ask yourself….what keywords and tags are they using. What do their photos look like. What are they saying about their product in their description? You can learn a wealth of information from what other people are doing and hey, people might just start looking at you for inspiration.

Add More Listings

What can I say but Etsy gets a warm fuzzy feeling when you add more listings to your shop.

Quite simply, the more items you have out there, the more chance someone will discover you and buy something from your shop and come back for more.

If you have a well-stocked shop it’s more likely that you will get multiple sales in one transaction and people are more likely to follow your shop to get updates on new arrivals. Throw in a buy a certain amount and get a percentage off sale then the sky is the limit.

Happy listing.

Thank you

Include a thank you card with every order. These are great because you are giving your customers something tangible they can keep. It will make it easier to find you again when they want to order next time and they can share with their friends and family.

You could include information like your Etsy Shop URL and Social Media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. You could also encourage buyers to leave you a review. This is the message I print on my thank you cards;

Love Heart Feedback

Take a look at some of the inspiring designs available to purchase on Thank You Cards on Etsy right now.

Let’s Get Social

Social Media

This is a whole can of worms and really deserves its’ own blog post which I will tackle at a later date. Watch this space.

Social Media promotion is where it’s at. Set aside some time every day to get social. If you haven’t already, set up Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Etsy have made it a lot easier with their new Social Media interface found under marketing. They provide some great tools to share shop milestones, products, sales and promotions. It’s all at your fingertips. My personal favourite is Pinterest. Whenever I list a new product, I Pin it.

Here’s your personal invite to come and collaborate on my Pinterest group board Etsy Sellers Promote

If you want to find out how Pinterest can generate more traffic to your Etsy items read more here Pinterest – What’s It All About


Having a logo and a memorable header/banner image in your Etsy Shop looks professional and will stay in someone’s mind over a shop with limited branding.

It’s not hard to incorporate a logo (come on, you’re creative) and a header image on your shop. Just as an idea for your header/banner image, you could use 4 or 5 images of your best selling products and place them together in one long image. The size to work towards for your Etsy banner is 760 pixels x 100 pixels. If you want something a little more professional, there are some great resources available online to help you.

Once you have your signature brand you can use these on your Social Media platforms, your business and thank you cards, anywhere you want to promote yourself.

Build A Blog Around Your Brand

This can be daunting, it was for me. Where to start, what to write about, how to do it. All I can say is, just start. You have nothing to lose.

To give you an example of how to go about writing a blog post encompassing your brand, my first blog post was about Chakra Healing. Not only is this one of my passions but I sell Chakra Healing Bracelets in my Etsy Shop. Some of the topics I discussed in the blog are the Chakra Meanings, what the Chakra colours mean and issues in your body and how it might relate to your Chakras. At the end of the blog I provided a link to my Etsy Shop section where I sell Chakra Beaded Bracelets. Now, you might think this is a shameless plug but I believe in what I am selling and I believe my bracelets if worn can help you. It all works hand in hand.

When you realise how you can blog about your niche products you will have so much to blog about, you won’t know when to stop.

Last But Not Least….


If you want to download my Etsy SEO Workbook & Planner you can work through my step by step guide on the strategies and resources I use when listing an item. This workbook and planner can be used by you again and again.

If you want to check out my Etsy Shop you can have a look here Rhinestone Mumma

I am always looking for ways to improve and “tweak” things in my Shop and in my listings.

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