Etsy Hyperlinks! What’s It All About?

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So what’s a hyperlink, what does it have to do with me an how can I use it to get more sales? A hyperlink is basically text with a link that a reader can activate by directly clicking on a highlighted word, phrase or image which sends them to another location.

If you don’t have links in your product descriptions, you are missing out on an opportunity for longer customer engagement. It’s a no brainer and such an easy thing to implement into our Etsy product descriptions.

So what are the benefits?

  • A customer is engaged and keeps them in your shop for longer.
  • Encourages them to look at products they may not have normally searched for.
  • Answers their questions without them even knowing that had any questions they needed an answer to.
  • Directs them to other items in your shop that are part of a set or collection.

We need to start thinking about our Etsy shops as virtual shop fronts where buyers can come and go, explore, buy and visit again. The longer a customer stays in your shop, the more likely they are to make a purchase. It’s all about making suggestions, giving them a direction and making them feel comfortable in making a purchase.

Here are just a few creative ways you can use a hyperlink in your product description.


Add a hyperlink at the end of your description showing the other shop categories in your store;

“For Bracelets, click here __________________”

“For Crochet Patterns, click here__________________”

“For T-Shirts, click here__________________”

“For Earrings, click here__________________”

You can also use a hyperlink to direct buyers to other like products. If they are already looking at an item and liking what they see, they may also like other similar items in your store;

“For more Bracelets, click here __________________”

“For more Crochet Patterns, click here__________________”

“For more T-Shirts, click here__________________”

“For more Earrings, click here__________________”


If you have products that are related or a part of a set or collection, let your buyer know.

“If you like these earrings, here is the matching necklace__________________”

“If you like these invitations, don’t forget to purchase the matching thank you cards__________________”

“If you like this cushion cover, you might like other cushion covers in the same collection__________________”


If you have a shop that sells different types of products, you could create interest with a buyer and suggest they have a look around;

“If you like my bracelets, I have a wide range of handmade crochet bags in my shop as well__________________”


I have this hyperlink in all my item descriptions. It encourages a buyer to go to your home page where they can get an overall feel for your brand and all the products you sell. They can also Favourite your shop so they will see future products listed and shop updates;

“To see the full range of products in my shop, click here__________________”


If you are proud of your customer feedback, then let a potential customer know how much past customers value your products and services by sharing your review page;

“See what other customers are saying about their purchases__________________”


Let your customers know about other shops you manage on Etsy.

“I also sell craft supplies at my other shop__________________. I would be more than happy to ship purchases from both shops together.”


Most buyers will not automatically read through your detailed shop policies. You can make sure they read through your policies before they make a purchase if this is important to you. This will hopefully solve potential problems that may arise or give them customer important information when purchasing from you.

“Please read through the policies before purchasing this item__________________”


There are already links to the more popular social media platforms provided by Etsy on all your listings if you have set up the links. You could also provide additional links to your Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Newsletter directly in your description as well.

“Let’s get social. Follow me on__________________”

“Sign up for my newsletter to receive future coupons and promotions__________________”

So how do I create a Hyperlink?

You can copy URL’s (the web address that appears in the search bar at the top of a web page) for any link you want to create. If you want to create a link to your Etsy Home Page, go to your Etsy Store and copy the URL which you can paste into your description.

If you want to copy a particular item, follow the same process by going to the specific item you want to create a link for.

If you want to create a link to a store category, once again, follow the same process by going to your Etsy Store, selecting the category you want to create a link for, like a customer would when searching, and copy the URL.

The same process can be applied to social media platforms, blogs and newsletters. If you can search for it, you can copy the URL and paste it wherever you want in your detailed descriptions.

But don’t just stop there. You have probably noticed that some links when copied are long and unsightly and take up a lot of space. But never fear, there is a free website where you can copy the long URL and it will give you a shortened version which you can copy and paste into your description giving your descriptions an air of professionalism and neatness.

Now, let’s not get too carried away!

I have given you some great ideas on how you can use hyperlinks in your descriptions to create engagement and interest. But just remember, too many links may only confuse and overwhelm a buyer and you may actually lose them altogether. Choose the hyperlinks that would best enhance the shopping experience for your customer and are more likely to convert sales. You could ask yourself, is there a question you get asked over and over by customers or is there a section, product or upgrade that you want a potential customer to see?

And Finally

I hope I have given you some new inspiration to adding some additional resources to your descriptions and maximising your sales potential by capturing a customers attention and keeping them engaged.

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